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My name is Meg Boswell. I am a marriage celebrant from Forestville in the city of Adelaide, South Australia. Over more than 20 years I have married couples from all states of Australia and many countries around the world. I welcome couples from ALL backgrounds and cultures.

Are you looking for a simple ceremony in an intimate setting? My beautiful courtyard is available at no additional charge. See photos below. Are you from overseas? I’m an expert in the procedures needed when one or both of you are from overseas. Please contact me, with no obligation. I would love to assist you with your marriage plans.

Dear Meg, Andrew and I would like to thank you for your wonderful service. The ceremony was outstanding as it made our day very special,

—Andrew and Tamar



I have a great deal of experience with the legal aspects of marrying couples where there is an overseas bride, an overseas groom or where both partners are from overseas. I also understand the exact requirements for second marriages.

We can design your wedding ceremony together so that it truly reflects your personalities, your beliefs, your love for each other and your philosophy of life. For professional warm and friendly service let's get together to make a joyous wedding!


Wedding Ceremony

In Australia you can be married wherever you wish!

In a Garden, by the Sea, Your Home or Mine - or any place you choose. Your marriage ceremony can be relaxed or formal, modern or traditional, but its most important aspect is that it should be meaningful for both of you. This will not be a religious ceremony unless you specifically request it to be so. Consider honouring some family members in your wedding ceremony, especially any children. I will offer you some ideas to enable this to happen. Celebrate this very personal and happy occasion with those who matter most to each of you!


Renewal of Marriage Vows Ceremony

At any time in your marriage you may Renew your Vows to each other.

Perhaps you have a particular wedding anniversary where you wish to publicly re-state your love. Perhaps something has changed in your relationship and you wish to celebrate a new beginning. Perhaps you want to say "because of what we have shared, my commitment to you is even stronger now than it was on our wedding day". Plan a celebration with family and friends. There can be both serious and light hearted moments. It is your day and your decision. I will be your guide and work with you to celebrate a wonderful occasion!


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If you are planning to marry please contact me. I would love to discuss your wedding with you. There is no obligation, so you can feel comfortable speaking with me.
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